Company Profile

Music Selling Website

Music Selling Website

EP2EARN is a Music Selling Website developed by Charvail Entertainment Ltd. Charvail is an Entertainment business outfit that has been in existence since the year 2011. It is registered under the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria RC:1001302. 

The Problem

Ever since the coming of the internet, the business of Music Sales has dwindled drastically. As a result, the biggest Artists only manage to sell a quarter of what those in the 90s sold in terms of pure album and singles sales. Not even the Digital Download and Streaming Giants could salvage the current reality. Piracy has eaten deep into the digital system even more that many people believe they do not have to buy the music they listen to.

The aims of setting up Ep2earn are:

  1.  To help Artistes achieve good sales of their music through our platform. It is of common knowledge that Africans do not really have the culture of purchasing music. This has therefore negatively affected how much Artistes make on the sales of their music. In order to help these Artistes, we have built a structure that encourages music lovers to spend some of their money on purchasing music rather than seeking free downloads.
  2.  To enable a system whereby Music Fans can earn income from the sales of their Favorite Artistes’ music. This you can achieve by being an affiliate at EP2EARN.
  3. Another key reason why we established Ep2earn is to develop an alliance of like minds whose goals are to empower Artists and Music Fans financially. The music industry is a tough one, and for independent Artists, a lot of personal funds are required to cut through and make a statement with their careers in the midst of such huge crowd of talents trying to be heard.Ep2earn has created a system where both Artists and their loved ones can make money good enough to fund whatever dreams they have whether in relation to music or not. Our vission is geared towards creating  several millionaires among our Artists and our Affiliates for a better music industry and the society in general.

We have an array of beautiful songs from many multi-talented artists with different genres of music to soothe the listening ears of various kinds of music lovers.  All you have to do is go to our store and search for any music of your choice to purchase and proceed with to make payment for you order. You also have the privilege of becoming an Ep2earn Affiliate once you start purchasing music.