Sell Your Music Online


Ep2earn is a platform where you Artists can sell your music online. The Artiste is here  to make money from his music. Anytime people buy his Music, he goes away with 50% of the cost of the EP or the Single.

Furthermore, we have a large community of affiliates and customers who on a regular basis actively purchase Singles and Eps. Therefore, if you are an Artist and you desire to sell your music,  You can do that at any point in time by sending your music to us at After receiving your email, we would access your music and make a decison.

If we approve of your Song or Ep, we would send you an email with an Agreement Document for our conditions to be able to sell your music online, and a form to fill and sign.

A lot of Artists mistake us for a distribution company. We are not into music distribution. We only help you sell your music strictly on our platform and generate income for you.

All Artists can see how well their music is doing by visiting the Music Shop page on our Website. The number of downloads are updated in real time and displayed along with other information on each music whether Eps or Singles.

You also need to know we have no exclusive right to sell your music. If at any point in time you feel the need to take off your Music from our platform, you can contact us immediately on