Compensation Plan

Ep2earn Compensation Plan

Our Compensation plan is one of the best in our industry. As an affiliate, you have the privilege of earning multiple forms of commissions. However, the number of commissions you are entitled to earn is dependent on which kind of affiliate you are.

Types of Commissions In Our Compensation Plan

The following are the different kinds of bonuses/commissions we have

  • A) Unilevel Commission:

    This is the commission you earn on the purchases of Singles and Eps in your entire team. Your team consists of the people you referred you purchase music from us, the people they referred, on to the next again, and the system continues like that till infinity. Which therefore means you can earn on thousands of EPS sold in your team. You can earn from as low as 2% to as high as 7% on each EP and Singles sold in your team,  but the percentage you earn is dependent on whether it is you or whoever it is that referred that person that bought the music

  • B) Binary Commission
  • C) Sponsor Commission
  • D) Incentives
  • E) Ebook Commission

How to Become an Affiliate

You become an affiliate by registering an account on the website. Once you become a Customer, you have to purchase any of our products from the Online shop in your dashboard up to $4 or more. The moment your purchase is up to $4 a tab would appear on your dashboard for you to click to become an affiliate. Once you click and accept Terms and Conditions you become an Affiliate and you can now refer people to buy our Music and Ebooks and earn Unilevel commissions with your referral links which would be on your dashboard. If however, you decide you want to earn the other types of Commission, you can click on the tab on your Dashboard that says “Earn More” to buy one of our Packages. For more information on packages, prices, and commissions, visit our compensation plan manual.